Friday, February 14, 2014




pls continue reading my blog....HAHAHAHA nahh just kidding. ignore this if you find my blog is boring...but that will make me sad....;(


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 summary

Just a short summary about what I have did in 2013.
*I posted this using hp so no pictures, all words haha sorry, ignore this if you are not interested in my life hahahaha*

- Alvls Orientation
- Meeting new people and enjoy the excitement of being a college student.
- Friends surprised me by hiding in my house and waited for me to return home from violin class
- a lot of friends' bday surprises, turned out well. :D
- got my driving license \o/ after all those hours of talks ughhh
- joined Dodgeball and it turned out to be fun. Sadly I do not have transport to go for trainings already.
- joined CDC(dodgeball competition) for the first time in my life. Lost but I learnt something. Did not expect to win anything though as there were insufficient practices. We were so new to it.
- joined SVS, love it
- SMKKK Hari Anugerah, had our mini pizza party after that in Ken's house
- continued Korean Class for 2 levels. Stopped because of exams, again.
- first college term test, freaked out during chemistry test
- went to 1M4U concert, saw David Choi, Chester See and Jason Chen.
- donated blood for the first time in my life. IT WAS AWESOME HAHAHA
- uncle's wedding, travelled to Pulau Perhentian and skipped college for 4 days. Temporarily curled my hair for the first time in my life
- First SVS event was World Play Day. Other events like 8tv Showdown as a screamer,Live Great Eastern Run volunteer where we slept on the floor only for less than 2 hours, Charmaine Poo-sold cupcakes which were quite overpriced,brought sore legs home.
- Pet expo for SVS, will never forget the weird uncle who talked to us abt wasting our time doing that event.
- Met Nick Vujicic and listened to his touching experience. I cried. :(
- everyone is applying unis to the UK and I said to myself, 'I am not going to go to the UK
- went for Petronas interview instead of Alvls camp, regretted though.
- surprised Pn Sunita by going to Pusat Tuisyen Formula, Klang branch. We tried to hide but she saw us, we were all tall. Haha!
- went to 8tv Showdown, ECX WON!
- went Broga Hills with friends. Was stuck at one place, thanks to a guy who helped me. Great experience though.
- until Sept, I decided to apply UCAS, rushed the hell out of me. But still it is too costly, so just gonna try my luck.
- Alvls night. Pavlova was the best. Many awesome performances too.
- Mock exams, slightly better but Chemistry still freaked me out.
- Went out for Bah Kut Teh and then movie at Setia City Mall after first day of AS exam. LOL
- dreadfully went through 1.5 month of AS exam. Like seriously.
- went Taiwan with Phay Shian's family. FOOD, FOOD AND MORE FOOD. Second last day got rashes on my whole body, slept for 2 hours only due to serious itchiness
- 1 day trip to Malacca with the Good Ol' Bunch \o/
- having flu on New Year Eve :(

Happy New Year guys
2014, welcome! :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

It has been almost 3 months since I last blogged. I do miss blogging but sometimes I am so lazy to on the laptop and sign in....I know, too lazy HAHA

I'm still in exam period, 2 more papers and I am done with AS, which will happen only next week T.T thinking about having classes after AS makes me more sad, NO MOOD. I know, A2 will be tough and we need more preparations blah blah blah, but we need HOLIDAYS.REST.PLAY.LIFE. (Sorry I just blurt out what I want hahahaha) Doing Paper 1s everyday while everyone else is having holiday is not fun. Friends graduated from their pre-U courses and getting ready to enter university next year, me, being an A-Levels student need to suffer for 6 more months. No, I don't regret taking A-Levels, just a little, depressing. :(

After 11 months of studying and studying and studying, I appreciate more when it comes to travelling. Like, FINALLY I CAN SEE LIGHT COMING INTO MY LIFE HAHAHAHAA (sorry I know I am exaggerating) I.AM.JUST.THAT.HAPPY ;D

I miss playing dodgeball. I really do. It's not that I am good in it, but there's just this magnetic field between me and dodgeball. Maybe it's because I do not do sports when I was young, and dodgeball is my first sports that I have played in a competition, so it's like my first love(in sports) HAHA I really want to go for practices, but because of exams/transport issue, I can't. I hope I can join after my AS.

Too lazy to post pictures, and I think I shall continue with my past year papers. :(
bye blog, sorry for making you a boring blog. love you although you may hate me. <3 nbsp="" p="">love you guys(readers, if any.)
I sound so sad.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Have been thinking of studying overseas, staying out of M'sia, although knowing that it is quite impossible with my family's financial status. Listening to friends saying that they are going to the UK, Australia, Canada, US etc always makes me think "lucky you." Not that I hate M'sia this much, but it is so fun and exciting if I ever get a chance to study overseas. SIGH

ok need to continue studying for my mock and AS. Screwed my mock chemistry practical. Feeling stressed up now :/

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blogging in college using phone again hehe

Today I feel so tired and don't feel like doing anything, but exams and exams came and knocked me hard, asking me not to be lazy. Just had Physics practical mock exam this morning, I improves by being able to finish the experiments, but not sure about the answers haha but at least I improved!

I think by the end of today my stomach will contain a lot of bread. Due to this morning's exam,(well I didn't know it starts at 8am), I managed to eat only one bread. I finished the other one at 10.15am, which made me not to feel hungry during my lunch break. So I decided to buy bread for lunch. 4 breads. -.-

A-Levels is fun, but stressful at the same time. Now I am considering whether to take SAT or not during the end of this year. Now I realised being able to daydream is a wonderful thing to do. HAHA

Okay I shall continue revising, sigh still so sleepy. Envy the FIA-ians who are having break starting today.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

My first hiking experience is extremely fun hahhahaha

Went to Broga Hill yesterday, it's a trip organised by Sun-U Student Council, and since we have always wanted to plan a trip to Broga but it never work, so I have decided to join this instead hahaha

We left KK at 2.30am, Emily's dad fetch May Yee and me to college(Thanks uncle!). We left college at 3.40am and reached Broga at around 5am. The sandwich they provided is nice! The best sandwich I have ever eaten in my whole life HAHAHAA okay maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but it's really a GOOD sandwich. We then started climbing the mountain at 5.20am.

That time it's still dark so we have to hold the torchlight while hiking. After walking for a while, I felt a little tired already(hate my stamina laaa), but I didn't stop. I stopped once only to drink 100plus as I don't want to be dehydrated and topple down the hill HAHAHA

The journey to the first peak is seriously tiring. I am not confident in my own balancing skills, so I had to crawl/kneel down/grab trees/rope to go up the slopes.

There's one part where it is really slippery, no rocks/rough part to step on, and yes, I was stuck there. I turned behind and realised there were lots of people were behind me, I felt so bad for causing the traffic but I really couldn't climb up. Then there's one female infront of me, she used her torchlight and asked me, "can you see?" I was like, "I can see but I can't go up." I was really panic that time hahaha
I saw a hand appeared infront of me, I looked up, a guy with his face glowing(due to his torchlight HAHA) asking me to hold onto him(AWWWW AHAHAHHA) And then I did. I was worry that I would pull him down but luckily I did not. After going up that slope, I thanked him sincerely and continued my journey. JUST WANT TO SAY, that unknown guy was like an angel at that time with glowing face, I don't know what will happen if no one is there to pull me up. THANK YOU! :D

after reaching the first peak, we rested there for quite a long time. We didn't know that there would be so many people continuing to the second/third/fourth peak AHAHA then we finally decided to continue to the third peak when it's around 7am+. Wanted to go to the fourth peak but worried that the time was not enough. :( but anyhow, we still felt happy and satisfied with our accomplishment as a first-timer.

Going down the hill is another challenge. You know, I'm tall, centre of gravity is so high that makes me felt unstable. I was so scared that I would slipped and roll down the hill HAHAHA(vivid imagination eh?) so I went down as slow as a turtle, making MayYee, Zhi Jie and Sze Phing waited for me. All of them are so kind, they offered me help and kept on motivating me. I FEEL SO LOVED HAHAHAH I didn't know that Zhi Jie is quite strong. I held on his shoulder/arm when I went down few slopes. Glad that I didn't push him down the hill HAHAHA


Hope to go again with friends hahaha must invite some of the strong guys to go to pull us up if we can't. HAHA

Pictures time!
We can still see the moon when we reached the first peak. :D

The night-morning sky



that is the first peak, took this when I was on the third peak.

first peak full with ant-like human ahhaha

May Yee and me

We set foot on the rock!

May, Me and Zhi Jie

Me taking picture of Zhi Jie taking picture of Sze Phing and Yong Quan.

Us in da bus

寂寞的背影 HAHAHA credits:May

Me, Emily(after coming down to 3rd peak from 4th peak HAHA) and May.
heehee HALO? credits to May

May, Me, Yong Quan, Sze Phing and Zhi Jie

Me and Sze Phing

Zhi Jie and me.

wanted to do the jump shot but failed. so ended up like this HAHAHAHA

erhhh product? HAHAHA had this with May @ Delicious

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

 7.44am, in NE-1-15, eating my bread, waiting for Maths class to begin.

So sleepy, feeling lazy, body ache, tummy ache. Just feel likd going home.